sábado, 31 de agosto de 2013

In the summer time, when the weather is hot....

Life goes on as usual , but ofcourse there is always news!!

The summer is almost over and the girls will go back to school..
Which is I have to say a relief.... I know that sounds a bit harsch, but thats not only selfish me talking but also the kids..

more than 2 months of holidays is a bit too much for my little ones and especially Sofia is really really ready to go back to school.. She regularly grabs her backpack and says ´bye mama , I am going to school!´. When at that point I have to dissapoint her again by saying that school is closed and she have to stay at home being bored and all... 
The girls and me on our picnic spot

Livia is not complaining as usual, she is her happy self, but i just know that its for her also time to go back to school ( 3 mornings a week) and back to therapy.

Ofcourse we did some nice things over the summer, like going to the swimming pool, went for walks, playground and ofcourse the new found picnic area in the mountains which the kids love.
However the last couple weeks, not so much as it was so warm , that the only thing you could do was lying in the water or  before the ventilator..

We also had some family visits in June and July.
First in June my bio-mum and her husband came for a visit for a week.
We had a great time as I was a week off as well.
On the sightseeing bus in Barcelona
As they didnt see barcelona yet ,we went for an old fashioned sightseeing tour with the sightseeing bus.. As they are both very much into photographing , they made over 1000 foto´s in one day!! In that week we also celebrated my birthday with a picnic in the mountains and mostly did some serious relaxing!! it was fab , and hope to see them next year again with us. 

Nana and Sofia in the train to Salou
In July, My mother-in-law Catherine was with her daughter ( 17) and daughters friends in Salou for 10 days. Ofcourse the girls went on a clubbing spree for 10 days, so my MIL was most of the time with us in Montcada. It was nice to have her around, but I think she will think twice the next time she has to go with my little sister in law on hols.. Not so much the girls.. but Salou??!! God its the worst place ever if you are not a teenager or a crazy party animal! I went there one afternoon while she was there, and saw more then enough of it already...
Livia in the playground

When Hubby and me finally had a weeks holiday together... well i only can say.. bad things comes at 3... first I started having a virus, which i wasnt allowed to go in the sun with.. no pool , no beach..no nothing.. Then Sofia got an infection, needed antibiotica, so also no sun allowed..
Then there was this thing with our new phones.. or rather our old provider ...

We decided that we needed ( read wanted) a new phone.. and ofcourse the newest Samsung S4. We could get this phone for cheap at a Spanish provider with keeping our old number from Orange.. As the Spanish Provider regulations are almost non-existent, we had a hell of a ride!
We were promised by our new provider that we will get the phone the day after the purchase, as Orange needed to free our phone numbers first.. well.. that didn´t happen ofcourse.. 
They made all kind of excuses to not free the numbers, and when I  contacted them, the just said ´talk to your new provider , there is nothing we can do...´ yeah sure..

When finally the numbers where given free by Orange ( after two weeks of hassle and bad excuses) they called me 7 (!!) times to persuade me to not cancel my contract with them.
Well I tell you, they are some agressive sales persons!! I have been shout at , called ´ Hombre ´for several times.. ,which is not heard of in my opinion if you are a professional company.

Anyhow, now i finally have my new phone, and cannot stop playing with it.. i didnt touch my laptop for 3 days!!

So.. Our Holiday together is over , i am back at work again .. phone in hand, virus  as good as gone, Sofia´s infection is gone and well you see good things come at 3 then again as well !

What I didnt mention and i am ashamed already as it is a big milestone in our life..
Our first Wedding anniversary!!  The 5th of July a year ago we got married and had one of the best days of our lives!! We celebrated it with an nice intimate dinner in our village. The food was great and we had a good laugh.. ( who said after a while you have nothing to talk about anymore, well we do!!) 

And the biggest news happened in August!!! The birth of my twin niece and nephew!!

The twin named Jaël and Jalize , are very healthy and beautiful!! My Sister Nikita has her hands full now with her 2 kids Haley and Jayden and then her 2 babies!  

Jaël and Jalize

Well thats was the summer events in a nut shell.. Hasta Pronto!!