domingo, 23 de marzo de 2014

Livia, our sunshine


Where are you at this moment my dear angel
Where are your thoughts lead you to..
Where are you at this moment
Is there something you need us to do ?

Is there a way we can touch you
Is there a way you can show

Is there a path you want us to follow
Is there a path you want to guide us to..
We like to help you learn and grow

If we only could reach inside your thoughts
If we could only follow your dreams
If we could only find your way..

My dear Livia , laughing all day long...
Although nobody knows why and what is going on.
My dear Livia we are laughing with you
because when you are happy , Mama, Papa and Sofia are too!!

jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

Springtime is in the air.....

The cold is officially over..well that's what i hope.. 
Although we have not much to complain as our winter has been fairly mild!

And as the spring is in the air,it is time for me as well to write another bit about our daily adventures..

Finally..finally ..fiiinaly hubby dearest and sweet Lorena convinced me to join them in the gym.. I always have been a bit reluctant (and plain lazy) to let have Shayne his way and join the gym together with him.. He does the whole fitness thing and that's just not my cuppa tea. 2 weeks ago Lorena asked me to join her in classes in the same gym.. When she showed me the schedule and the amount and diversity of classes they have, i got excited and decided to join as well.. Now i am joining Bodycombat , Bodybalance and Zumba.. From probably next week on I am going to start Spinning/RPM classes as well.. this just because i want to train my legs a bit for the Color Run on the 18th of May in Barcelona!! Shayne, myself, some friends and colleagues of mine will all join and its gonna be so much fun!

Sofia dressed herself in the morning

With the girls the last couple of months nothing much changed.. or changed a lot like they normally do..

Sofia had her birthday the 11th of February , she is now a 4 year old and as happy and stubborn and funny as always.. She is a little diva who knows exactly what she wants , when she wants it and who to ask to get it!! She is in 2 phases at this moment.. the phase of ´I am a Princess and don't even dare to put something other on me then pink ´ and the ´why??´phase..

She is quit literally Princess Sofia like the cartoon who is very famous in Ireland/England and Spain.. She refuses to wear trousers most of the time ( trousers are for boys Mama)  and also only want to have her hair in 2 braids.. 
She is very independent , as a lot of times she is already dressed when we wake up for example in the weekend.. of course you can imagine what she is wearing then..
Furthermore everything I say to her is followed up with an ´But why mama?´ and when I answer that question she just keeps repeating ´but why?´ till she has a satisfactory answer which most of the time I cant give her so she makes up the answer for me...

Livia is thriving as always! She is very happy and smiling all day , and gets more and more curious every day! No cupboard, closet, wardrobe, drawer etc is safe around her.. all goes open and everything comes out!! You can again imagine that that can be scary as she is not afraid of scissors and knifes so we always have to run around her..and frustrating to put everything back again after one of those ´lets annoy mama and throw all over the floor´episodes.. Also she is mad about cables.. she somehow likes the feel of the things , so constantly wants to play with them.. of course this is not very safe , so the amount of cables we had to hide the last couple of weeks are uncountable.. 

We also agreed with her psychologist that she will join primary school next year! Which will be good for her ( I hope) .. She will be in a normal class and will go to a special class several hours a day to give her the attention she needs. This is going to be a big change for her and for us , so we hope she will adapt well to it..

In the beginning of February sadly my grandmother past away. She had an operation which she went in fine, but unfortunately never woke up from the anesthetics.. This was quit a shock to me and my family and we where all heartbroken.. 
For the funeral I went to The Netherlands for 4 days which was hectic and emotional. It was very nice to see my family again but of course the circumstances where sad.. The funeral itself was beautiful and again emotional with a mass in church and the saying goodbyes in the crematorium.. with family speeches and beautiful music. I will miss my Oma ( Dutch for Granny) dearly , but at least she is in a nice place now with our Opa..
I will always cherish the memory of her and especially when she came to our wedding all the way in Ireland! I was so grateful she joined us and also for my Aunt who came with her!

So.. its late and I need to go to bed.. tomorrow another nice sunny day here in Montcada I Reixac and lots to do.. 

Hasta Pronto Todos!!
My Oma at our wedding..