lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

And finally they were asleep...

When I say Finally , i dont mean its 9pm and i finally can have some ´me´ time or ´husband and me´time... ooow no i mean.. I am already half asleep and the kids are still thinking its daytime thus playing time!!

Sofia has been on and off a fussy sleeper since she is born, she has her fases that we only have to put her to bed, read a story and kiss her goodnight and thats it.. but then it comes that one day that she cant sleep and asks us to stay with her till she falls asleep.. and ofcourse we do that.. for one time.. we think... not... 

She now is not going to sleep without us staying with her till she does so..
and oooow yes we tried to be nice but firm, we tried also to be not so nice and firm.. we tried to be nice and not nice and firm all in a timeframe of 2 minutes!!!
Unfortunately we can do ( scream/shout/beg/wisper/bribe) whatever we want.. its a lost cause... 

(advise welcome, judgements not so much..)

Talking about fussy sleepers.. and now i mean very very fussy sleepers..our dearest Livia is on top of that one.. She manages to be awake till about 1 AM , but thank God she is still small enough to stay in a cot, and she didn´t figure out the climb the thing!! 
And we are very much grateful that she plays happily away in her cot.. with playing i mean jumping up and down and sing songs nobody gets except her..
The singing is very cute , but the jumping not so much as we hear regularly..

bump...bump...bump..KRAAAAAAKKKKK...hahahahahah (livia pissing herself laughing) 

Which means that again the bottom of her cot fell out and we again have to put some big heavy books between the floor and the bottom of the cot till hubby dearest can fix it in the morning... She demolished 2 beds by now and we are soon about to buy her third..

And then also a couple of times a night we get a taaaaatiii tiiiiti which means maaamaaa paaapaa bottleeeeee.. 

Shayne and me by then already in bed of and on asleep pushing each other out of bed with a ´its your turn now´!! 

So..rant over, just realised that after being firm to Sofia to go to sleep , she sneakily tiptoed into our bed and is fast asleep with her monkey cuddle in her arms... I look at her and then think ´isnt she the most cutest innocent thing in the world???!!!  Livia is still giggling and babytalking away so i let her.. she will sleep... eventually...