jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Busy lifes..

While chatting with one of my Besties Monica, who lives in Ireland and is from Portuguese origin,  I am realising the value of friendship, no matter where we are.

Friendship has for me a very big value in my life.
I am a very social person as many of you know, but to really make a true friend is never easy.. not for me at least..

I had to learn to not just be friends with everybody , but be selective to not get hurt, which happened to me several times.

As an expat having lived in 3 different countries I also have the luck that the group of friends I have are from different origin.

I am a truly lucky and blessed person with the varied group of friends, mostly virtually around me.

Below some pics of my friends, unfortunately i have not many pictures of them , but definitely great memories and many to come!

Monica and me at work in Cork
My Hen night party with my friends
Machteld and me in Gauganbarra

My Best Friend in the right corner with her daughter. ( She doesn't like pics taken lol)

Shona and me on her pink Bday party

5 comentarios:

  1. Jany...
    3 things for you:
    1. No matter where we are, we'll still have a cigarette together during a haunted night;
    2. I hate because you live in the sunshine and you didn't packed me as well;
    3. I'm still backing up Livia for breaking the bed.

    Apart from that, I love you bi***

    And I miss you loads.

  2. Monica...

    1. I miss our haunted nights, they where fab!!
    2. I tried to convince you many times, but you liked the Irish rain to much you said..
    3. Livia's bed is fixed again , sometimes Shayne turns into handy manny lol..

    Aaaaand.. I love you too Biaaaaa....

  3. Hope this comment shows, lovely post on your international community of friends in Cork! And true friendship will last across the seas:)
    Your friendly MIL
    Catherine xxx

  4. Hoe groot de oceaan ook is onze vriendschap red het erover heen x love you