lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013

71 days... 5 hours...21 minutes and 18 seconds till......

 For now its still Autumn..

Well as far as you can speak from Autumn.. Here in Barcelona the weather is still very nice in October and this week even expected to have temperatures of 27 degrees!!

Its a bit annoying at times as I got all the winter clothes out already for the kids, and now they are walking in half winter/half summer clothes.. Also in this time of year the sniffles and snotters are unavoidable, especially with the school year already in for a month and a bit, the kids get sick aaall the time!! At this moment i also am sniffing like crazy myself..

On a good note, with this lovely weather, we can enjoy some nice walks and playground time without burming ourselves like a month or so ago, when the weather was simply to hot during the daytime.

As you might noticed my Dutch heritance is coming forward here as we Dutchies always like to complain about the weather.. sun or rain, its never good enough!

It is already also over a month ago when i wrote my last blog, I was very busy with basically life and therefor have lots to tell again!!

The kids are now well integrated in their new schools and they love it! 

Sofia is making lots of new friends in primary school and the nice thing of it is that her classmates are all living in the area so when we go to the playground , she meets her new friends there as well!  I on the other hand can still not understand how my little girl grew so hard, not only in age but also in wisdom..

After school she also have twice a week dance class as part of the school activities, and she enjoys it very much. 
This was expected as at home she does nothing else, and she even ( to our dismay) found the gangnam style song on youtube... we hoped we could protect her from that, but unfortunately that failed... What happened with Dora, Peppa Pig and Pocoyo??!! Well they are dancing gangnam style happily with her... grmbl...

After the quite bad experience of the last daycare, finally Livia has a terrific time at her new Daycare ´Can Casamada´ . She is in a little class with a lovely teacher/carer who fully understands her Autism and strange or not even the little ones handle Livia with a sensitivity you wouldnt expect on that age. Because everybody is so gentle with her in class she even now dares to sometimes come close to other kids and sort of play with them in her own special way. Also her Therapist  is to be found in the daycare once every 2 weeks for a full day to check on her developments. She is making good progress and overall is doing great!!


Shayne and myself are as always, busy with the kids and work and ofcourse the hobbies.
Shayne is joining the gym again since a week or two and he is totally loving it, I think especially because the gym includes a sauna and jacuzzi.. he asked me frequently if I see a change in him, but i told him that the jacuzzi won´t make him any thinner...
 (ouch i am such a witch..) But yes he is going to the gym every day during the week and I have to say i see a change in him , maybe not so much on the outside as it is a bit too early for that, but surely he seems a lot fitter and happier in mind..

I am also busy with anything and everything.. still trying to juggle family life with work , study and ofcourse my beloved hobby Crochet. Sometimes I really have to take a step back and reset my priorities. At this moment I decided that my study have to become a bit of a lower priority so I can give more attention to my family. I am honest to say that sometimes I take my family for granted and prioritise my personal goals, and I dont think i should be ashamed , but surely need to reprioritise at this moment.

Nice this last weeks is also that my good friend Tjitske was over from Ireland!
She is Dutch but lives in Cork where I met her about 2 years ago.
As many of you may know, I am not going on a party spree a lot , well say almost never.. but it was time again!! I met Tjitske in an Irish pub in Barcelona for the all Ireland Hurling final and ended up seeing nothing at all of the match ( they lost anyway) and were having fun with some English ´stagnight´lads on the terrace.. eventually I also met my colleague/friend Laura.. To say I started at 4 in the afternoon and ended up at my friends house at 4 in the morning.. They were going further to the club but this oldie (in mind) had enough.. other than that, I am not a drinker, so people where very surprised that I lasted the whole night with 2 Ciders and 1 Coctail..

The next morning I came home, and the first thing Sofia asks me is if i have a headache... I look a bit strange and ofcourse tired and i ask her ´no, why?´  She then responds ´Because of the party mama!!´  I couldnt keep a straight face, but had to have a stern talk with hubby dearest as I am sure she will keep using this against me till she is old enough we can turn the roles around!!
Apart from that I dont want her telling her little toddler friends that mummy has a headache from the party.. i can imagine that that wont make a good impression on us as parents!!

And then in 2,5 months its Christmas again!! I know a bit very  early to write about it, especially in my case as Christmas is not doing much for me personally.
But this year is going to be special as My inlaws will be with us the week before Christmas. We therefor decided that we move our Christmas one week earlier so we can have a full family Christmas party!

When we lived in Ireland we always went to my inlaws for Christmas and this is going to be the first year that they will be with us.. Eventhough it is still early, I am already deciding on presents , food ( no traditional Irish Xmas dinner this time).. and decoration.
I am really really looking forward to it!!


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