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2013 vs 2014

Well I have to say I am pretty tired.. don't get scared..its not from life, but just simply because I was expected at work at 07:00 AM this New years morning.. 
I like my Team leader , but this morning when I had to get out of bed at 05:00 AM and was about to give him a wake up call as well.. just for fun...with a hammer...

Anyway I survived the day and although as said I am pretty tired , I am still able to reflect on 2013 and dream about what the coming year is going to bring us!

2013 was  a great year for us!!

We had a move ( again) in April to a great apartment, where I finally have the feeling I would like to stay..
Livia And Sofia playing with the bubble machine on our balcony
Some of you know, that's not a normal thing for me as we are ( in) famous of our moving skills.. Apart from the countless times I moved houses in my youth, when finally living by myself i moved a total of.. 12 times in a time frame of 14 years. Every time I promise to never ever  move again , maybe you would say it would be my hobby to do so , but honestly.. I HATE moving!!

Sofia and her class mate Jamal 

2013 was also the year that Sofia went to the big school!! Ow that was so exciting for her and nerve wrecking for me , as she can be quite the diva at home, I was afraid she would tell the teachers exactly what she wanted and wouldn't except a no, would fight the kids for toys etc.. Of course this was all for nothing as she is an angel in school and has loads of little and even big friends who find her all adorable with her blond hair and sociable character.

Livia went at the same time to a new daycare and OMG does she love it there!! Again I was afraid that in her case she would not like it and would regress to her own world a lot more and, like with the other daycare, would cry a lot, which is very uncommon normally. Now everyday we almost have to drag her out of daycare and she even allows other kids to play with her! which is a major progress!

Shayne and I still enjoyed our job during the year even though there where some challenges on business aspect, but i don't think it will make a ´easy reading´ blog if i went on about that.. and in the end we are very happy and lucky that we even have a job. Spain is still in big regression and we  constantly get `pushed with our noses on the facts´ as we say in The Netherlands ( My best Dunglish). As most of you watch the news, you know whats going on economically here, but to actually listen to the stories from friends, acquaintances, shop owners etc, you realize how serious it actually is.. Also with  the local town beggar we are almost on first name basis, he always asks me how I am and where my husband is.. He is a good guy and its very sad to see the state he is in and the he has to beg for spare coins in front of the supermarket..every single day.. during hot summer days and cold winter nights..

Also we have our National Train Singers as I call them , which sometimes can be either annoying or hilarious.. the guys with the squeeze box, shopping cart with a boombox on top so the whole train can enjoy yet again ´ vooooolaaaareeee oooohooooohhhh´ ... when finished they will come around to ask for coins and the whole train suddenly grew deaf and pretend the didn't hear anything and are very concentrated on the view outside or staring the person across from them almost a hole in their forehead.. Ok not to sound pretentious and holy, its not that I always give something , but I think ignorance is a bad thing..

Ok enough about the recession, local beggars, train artist and the paper boys.. ( people who leave a note on the chair saying that they have 10 kids , are very poor and cant afford food, but in the meantime passing you with designer clothes..)

Eating yummy Spanish style tapas on New years Eve!! 

Overall,  as I said,  we had a great year including our aupair Lorena which I wrote a whole post about a couple of days ago...  friends and family who came over during the year..We are happy, kids are healthy and we are embracing the Spanish family life in the fullest!

I only can hope we will have just as good a year in 2014, but I have good faith! 
Of course I wont forget the cliche new years resolutions which i decided will not include things I know I wouldn't keep on doing or don't even start to do like for example;  go to the gym ( hahahahaha no thank you) , dieting ( I am in love with my tramp stamp and muffin top) and quit smoking ( I do bought an electric one though, which is cheaper and healthier and looks like a shisha stick so everybody thinks i am a frigging junkie)

My new years resolutions include ;

  1.  Getting my Cisco certificate at last so I can work my way upwards to network engineer , for people who don't know what that is, its just nerdy stuff..
  2. Making a full Mural in the girls room with the theme Fairies..
  3. Take better care of my appearance regarding hair and make up, so I look more like a actual woman. The ´I was periodically blinded by my wardrobe and couldn't find my brush ´ time is officially over..    

When I asked Shayne about his new years resolutions he just answered  ´mweh ´  so i guess he doesn't have them.. or cannot be bothered to think about it , well all the same and fine by me..

Anyway this looks more like the christmas letter my inlaws every year sent around , which is very nice, but that wasnt my intention of this blog.. 

To all the readers of my blog.. 

Thank you for following me , I really appreciate it and it gives me a very good feeling!!
For this new year I wish for all of you that your dreams may come true!!!

Hasta pronto!!!

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  1. A good blog, I loved reading it and wish you all the most stunning year ever!
    And we see you all coming June, can't wait!

  2. It's safe to say you're sticking to your New Year's Resolution, you're always pretty with your big open smile, but you look more amazing every time I see you lately!