domingo, 23 de marzo de 2014

Livia, our sunshine


Where are you at this moment my dear angel
Where are your thoughts lead you to..
Where are you at this moment
Is there something you need us to do ?

Is there a way we can touch you
Is there a way you can show

Is there a path you want us to follow
Is there a path you want to guide us to..
We like to help you learn and grow

If we only could reach inside your thoughts
If we could only follow your dreams
If we could only find your way..

My dear Livia , laughing all day long...
Although nobody knows why and what is going on.
My dear Livia we are laughing with you
because when you are happy , Mama, Papa and Sofia are too!!

2 comentarios:

  1. Jany that's beautiful! Tears to my eyes and really heartfelt. You wrote what I'm trying to say but you expressed it so well!
    Love Catherine xxx

  2. Wat mooi gezegd, en zo waar. We weten niet wat er door haar hoofdje speelt, maar ze brengt wel veel geluk aan ons allemaal, en dat is waarom we zoveel van haar houden. Knuffels, mam