martes, 26 de noviembre de 2013


What is love.. yes that's a good question..

We girls are very picky and critical about the concept of love..
The most of us are vouching for the perfect man , who helps in the household, is a perfect father for our children and of course also very Romantic..

But somehow after being almost six years with my husband, I have to acknowledge that this is an impossible task for mankind... I don´t blame them because just as well we cannot live up to the perfect woman standard they have in their dreamworld..

As far as I can see a man would like a hot babe with long flowing hair, a not nagging household master and a perfect mother , of course she should also be an eccentric exotic babe in the bedroom...

And lets be honest girls, we don´t have all those capacities" well sorry to say I at least don´t.
My house is a mess , I don´t have the curves on the right place and you can say I have a PhD in Nagging..
But husband dearest on the other side is A-Romantic ( I think he missed some classes on that one) and certainly not a help in the household, which makes our house a pig stall as i am neither!

But there are some things we have in common and I think that those things are the most important of all!
We have humor, share the unconditional love for our 2 daughters and most of all Love and trust each other!
We have our ups and downs, are crises and lucks, but most of all we have a steady life which sound very boring but in the end that is what everyone signs up for in a certain way..

I ask myself sometimes, all those movies and novels about stories with the perfect man or woman having the the general cliche exciting romantic love filled relationships gives us such a wrong picture of what really counts in love.. As you become older you ( hopefully) start to understand that , but I think there are lots of girls and boys out there who are still searching for that one perfect thing which doesn't exist and they never will find..

man will never understand that socks belong in the washing basket or  empty toilet rolls are not a nice decoration in the toilet, they will certainly not understand that a flower might be a nice gesture ( a real one, not a ´I grab already dead flowers from the gas station ) and we woman are also tired at times and we are still not dying..

We woman need to understand that a man is a human being with real feelings and not a remote control manageable ´being´.. They are generally not romantic on the night that you want them to be ( or not at all ) after you watched that o so soppy movie which makes you all ´in the mood´.. They won´t clean the house on cue and certainly don´t like to be nagged to about things which happen 20 years ago.. ´Honey why didn´t you tell me that that dress looked awfully on me when we had our second date? ´.. ´uhh well i don´t know Babe , what´s wrong with your own judgement..´

I am aware I do a lot of generalizing in this post , but hey if you don´t fit in this picture i just have drawn of man and womankind than forget all of this and go on with your perfect life..

All and all this nagging, sloppy , too curvy woman wants to say to her also sloppy, o so not romantic husband that she loves him more then anything in the world!!

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  1. Zo herkenbaar en wat heb ik gelachen over je omschrijving van een sloppy and nagging woman and her also sloppy husband;-)

  2. I've been realising (and am planning a blog post on it one day) something similar. Pre-Dom, we were very passionate and volatile and could kill each other or spend all afternoon in bed, or both. Now we're calmer, not as passionate, but the love runs deeper. It feels truer and stronger.