domingo, 24 de noviembre de 2013

Winter madness...

It´s that time of the year..that the whole family is having colds and mummy and daddy are keep on running after the kids to clean dirty noses.. 

At this moment all 4 of us are under the weather and even last Friday evening Sofia and I had an unexpected trip to the hospital in Barcelona. Sofia suddenly got a real bad case of rash all over her body and as we got a letter from the school that there was a case of Salmonella detected, of course I was worried.
First we went to the doctor here , but they sent us straight away to the hospital.
Good that it was a special children hospital , so they where very attentive!
Sofia was other than the rash feeling fine, and she got the nurses wrapped around her little finger in no time!
Tired after playing with the nurses..

Thank god it was nothing serious and the rash was considerably less when we went home around 3 in the morning. The next day we all had a lie-in and woke up around 11 .. Livia was still not asleep when we go home, like the little night owl she is , so she also woke up around that time.

The rest of the weekend was very slow as we all are out of energy so we did some crafting and relaxing on the sofa with some TV.

Here in Spain the weather has been very mild till about a week ago when the winter storm hit us.. It was loaded with rain, wind and terrible thunder claps.. even that bad that, that at one point I was reading and threw my book around the room of a fright i got from one of those awfull claps! 
After the storm it was straight away time for winter jackets and scarfs..
So as you see we cannot complain as the summer took till mid November.

Now I have to honestly say that I am not a hero regarding thunder storms and never have been.. In my youth , when it was storming at night , I always decided that I had to ´comfort´my little sisters by crawling in their bed with them.. of course it was selfishly more for my own comfort as they were most of the time still fast asleep! Always when the thunder storm was heavy , my mother would all get us out of bed and to the living room till it was over, and that is a nice memory for me , because there was nothing more nice in that time to sit all huddled together on the sofa as brothers and sisters till the storm was over..

Livia´s Xmas sock..
This time of the year also means Christmas is coming!!
I started really early with the Christmas presents as I wanted to make some things myself and that takes time.. I have quit a bit finished but still some to go...
And apart from making presents and decoration , we also have to buy some pressies, and I found out that Ikea has lots of nice wooden a trip to my beloved shop is  really unavoidable!!

Livia painting in concentration

As the weather is not really nice right now and we can´t spent our weekends outside , I am getting creative again with the children but also for myself..

We paint and cut and enjoying ourselves and even Livia painted for the first time today! 
I made some ´bird houses´from some empty plastic bottles...

one of my Gesso creations
I found out the likes of Gesso, which is a sort of primer on acrylic base.. You can do up all kinds of things with it but mainly is used for canvas paintings.. I use it to paint nice bottles and jars and also some canvasses..
Its very addictive and not even one veggie jar or wine bottle goes in the bin anymore, of course to annoyance of dear hubby as the whole house is now filled with craft stuff.. 
As I am doing so much crafting and crocheting , I decided that my ever growing stash needed a permanent place in the house.. and what is a better spot then the bookshelf of my husband!! He was not happy with my decision , but hey a girl has to do what a girl has to do.. I feel a trip to Ikea coming up soon to buy another bookshelf..or 2.. ( apart from the earlier mentioned pressies) ..
He has so many books that every cupboard is filled with them. I advised him to buy a kindle like I have, but he is very conservative in that as he says ´ there is nothing nicer than a real book..´ Ok hun you are right sure, but the house is bulging at this moment and more and more is to come!!

Our baby Livia found out how nice it is to draw and I tell you...she really really found it out!!
She likes to draw the whole day and enjoys it a lot if we join her.. That means that we are singing a song and she draw rounds till the song is over..  She does not take no for an answer as she just takes us by the hand and pushes us down to do what she wants us to do! The girl might be non verbal , but she knows what she wants and she wants it now! Its so nice to see some spirit in her after such a while her being quit passive and playing alone.

We are also still very happy with Lorena ( our aupair) who next month is with us for a year! The girls are mad about her and so are we. She has some friends around here now and enjoys a night out so now and then..  One of her friends is Alessandro , who also happens to be my colleague at work.

Alex and Sofia
Alex ( as we call him) started working in our team a couple of months ago and we got along great straight away..
He spent a couple of times here in the house and Sofia decided then that Alex is her boyfriend... till mummy´s shock of course... She asks a lot..´Mummy where is my Alex?´ 
As he is 9 years younger then me , I always call him my little brother from another mother... We are blessed to have this ´little brother´in our lives as he is so good with the girls and Shayne , Lorena and I can get along with him so well.. 

So.. now its time for a bit chillaxing ( as my mother in law always says ) and watch a movie or so .. I am trying to stay up as long as possible to ease myself back in night shift mode, which I start tomorrow night..

Hasta Pronto!!

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  1. Now I hope there aren't two messages on the board because something went wrong here. But I said, it's nice that the two girls are in such a good shape again, and Livia playing the artist is a very good sign. Must say Shayne has a good point because I also like my books very much;-)