miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2015

A long long time ago, I can still remember..

Wow, Is it that long ago I wrote about our cozy and busy life here in Spain?
The time has definitely flew by and there is nothing to stop it!

So yeah lets fast forward to now with some updates about are family, although January is a long time ago and I need to dig my brain for specific memories from then.. Yeah I know I should be ashamed and all , but I am just very bad in remembering things.

So January it is.. Christmas time is over and even the 6 kings are on the other side of the corner.
Somehow I am always relieved and happy when the festivities are over and we can go back to normal day to day life. Its not because I am the female version of Scrooge because I do like the festivities..
Its just So nice to have my house clean again after the whole Xmas tree debacles and A new year can start fresh!

Shayne is still unemployed and enjoys some much deserved quality time for himself.
In February he lands a job with a well known company here in Barcelona which I am not going to say by name just to be political correct. Experiences are not as he expected and soon decides that he needs to move on just to stay sane. On top of that he almost only works nights and weekends which is not very recommendable for our family life.. I missed my hubby and the kids missed their daddy. However ashamed (not) I admit that I liked to lie sprawled out on the bed without having to worry that I kick him out of it. Thank god however he has a new job now with just normal office hours, close to home and enjoys it very much.

Fast-forward , the kids finished school at the end of June and are ready for their summer holidays. Summer holidays here in Spain are not just a couple of weeks..nooooo they take a whooping 11 weeks!!! 11 weeks of entertaining the kids , 11 weekends of swimming pool ,playground at nights and Ice cream eating and.. well that's it as it is too hot to do anything else.

Then our Livia.. OMG!! she went from a chubby ´toddler´ , even though she is 4, to a tall lady! She lost a good bit of her chubbyness by now and I dont like it! Of course she is a beautiful little thing but I sooo loved her chubby cheeks and big belly. She also has some new words which are ´Espera´ and ´Mala´  which translates in ´Wait´and ´Bad´. Yup.. we are bad parents who let her wait all the time..

Sofia did not change much , witty and smart as always! With 5 years of age she comes with the most funny expressions and stories. Even at this very moment she is telling me dead serious that "shooting stars are boring eh Mama, because they are ALWAYS late!!" ( imagine a big sigh and a teenager eye roll with that).

For myself.. well nothing much at the moment apart from at work. All my hobbies are on the back burner as its just too hot to even move my hands to pick up a crochet hook or my beloved camera.

I am sitting on the balcony now trying to watch the shooting star thingy what is supposed to happen tonight , also called here ´Las lagrimas de san Lorenzo´  or the Perseids.
I am almost crossed eyed and didn't see any effin star shooting anywhere yet!
Well its all the same to me, I am off to bed with a big fan in front of my nose!

Buenas Noches Y Hasta Pronto!!

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  1. Wat een leuk verhaal weer, en ik ben blij dat Shayne nu wel een leuke baan heeft. Dat scheelt weer in the pocket! Tof dat Livia weer wat andere woorden kent, en Sofia...tja die blijft ons enfant terrible kleinkind ;)

  2. The fourth time I've tried to comment and it got deleted grrrrr! Great post and I hope you continue bogging and it's great to see the girls growing up although I can see why it's hard to see Livia not a chubby toddler any more! Can't wait to see you all in September! Xxxx