martes, 23 de diciembre de 2014

Calçots , a Catalan delicacy

So the last day of the inlaws holiday with us arrived..
Eventhough we are always a bit sad when they have to go back home again, we decided to go for lunch in a very nice restaurant here in the mountains...

The season of the Calçots just started , and I really was looking forward to eat them again. They are soo yummy!!

What are Calçots?

A calçot is a type of green onion known as Blanca gran tardana in the Catalan language.
Calçots are milder and les bulbus than onions and have a lenght of between 15 and 25 centimeter ( the white part)  and a diameter of approx 1.7 to 2.5cm at the root.

Calçots are grilled on high fire wrapped in newspaper ( or in aluminium foil, the modern way I guess)  and eaten after peeling with bare hands by dipping one by one in romesco saus along accompanied with red wine and bread. Calçots are meant for a started and always followed up by a main course and dessert with a glass of cava.

We weren´t on a original Calçotada which celebrates the harvest of the calçots, but in the restaurant they are just as nice.

Anyhow with the family and my camera ready, off we went!

The Parc where the mountains (and the restaurant) is situated is called Parc de la Serralada de Marina and only 5 minutes walk from our house to the beginning of the parc.

Here some photos of the nice wintery walk to the restaurant...

The restaurant is very pretty with a lovely garden.

And then the yummy Calçots!!

With the Spanish Pan con Tomate.. Roasted bread which you rub raw garlic, tomato and olive oil on. Ofcourse my favorite Alioli can´t be missed either.

Equiped with bibs and gloves and a nice bottle of red wine,  it was time to eat..

In the meantime , the kids enjoyed themselved with Pasta Bolognese..

After the Calçots the bellies were full with Chuleton for the men and fish for us , yummy crema catalana, ice cream, coffee and a nice glass of Cava to finish the more than lovely lunch with.
Then it was time to walk back home and do some serious relaxing as we are suppose to do on a Sunday!

Hasta Pronto!


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  1. That walk looks lovely! Fancy showing us some time?

  2. yes ofcourse, would be lovely to have you all here and to show you the walk! xxx