jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013


While already living in Catalunya for 10 months now, I never had the time to even have a glimpse at Barcelona.. even though now I only live a mere 15 minutes away from the center..

Of course its not that i never been there in my life, but just say its a couple of years ago.. kidd-less.. and most of the time job-less...

Today though I had to go to the local tax office in Barcelona, and to start of with, had to face the so much hated metro infrastructure of the centre of Barcelona..  

The reason I hate it so much is because it just doesn't make sense that one has to walk from one stop about 30 minutes underground via other metro stops from other coloured lines ( yes they all have their own color and number ) , past a bunch of tourist who are ooh-ing and aah-ing at every stone and one didn't mention yet the false singing underground ' street' artists , beggars on the floor who you see later walk past with beer and smoke in hand , and the horrible stuffy stinky smell of... well a mix of everything together what doesn't include flowers and spring..

When finally arrived at the right metro line/stop... one can be lucky to squeeze in and even more lucky to come out with possessions still with the right owner..

OK.. now I have to rewind.....

Before the whole metro thing/rant.. I actually just came out of the train at Passeig de Gracia, where I never been in my life before.. The first thing my eye caught is this beautiful house with the Gaudi architecture.. I sigh and think.. That's why I love this city so much... Atmosphere, Culture,History, People and don't forget the weather!!  After snapping a couple off turisty pic's , i head down to the dreaded metro.. 

On my way back I of course ended up in Passeig de Gracia again and thought ' i might as well enjoy it , and take a little stroll down the passeig and see if I can find a shoeshop for the girls..'  They are in desperate need of some pair..
Probably the people who know Barcelona better then me, start laughing about right now!! The further I walk , the more hesitant I come to find a shoe shop ...... of my price range that means... the only shops i see is Hermes, Bulgari, Boss, Benneton, Louis Vuitton.. and so on...  I decide to turn my head and watch people instead of shops.. as that's way more fun at this stage.. 
With my salary i probably can just about afford a shoelace in this street!!

So I am off home, finally put my bum in a chair.. and can stand straight up again as my phone rings ... its daycare, daughter dearest is sick...again...
So I raise my bum and walk of to daycare..

For so far my half-a-day Barcelona  adventure.. i am off playing Mama/Nurse for my oldest...
Hasta pronto!!

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  1. Four times I did write here a comment but every time it's gone!!! Love the dresser and love the pics of the kids!I will walk with Sofia up that mountain path and pick all the flowers we can after I make many pics of them of course;-)And after that I will run down with Livia in her buggy and Sofia with all her flowers and sing lots of mountain songs.Heidi,Heidi tralalalala!!!!

  2. Jeje my Dear, how not to love Barcelona? ;)

    By the way... you can probably find shoeshops, the affordable ones, behind the Barrio Gotico ;) good luck. Love yaaa