jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

Virtual friends , thank you technology

As I am working in a multinational company with offices all around the world, i learn to know people from all over!

One of the first people I learned to know is my ( now) good friend Alok.

He is a engineer in India, and works in Delhi for Colt. 

Although I never met him in real life, he is always there for a chat, a virtual shoulder or help me with my IT ventures ( which are mostly stupid questions..).

Now you think, and why is she telling us this???

Well ofcourse to give credit to Alok, for keeping up with my stupid questions and being a good friend, but also just to let you reflect about how blessed we actually are with nowadays technology!

Social media is dealt with as it was never different. yes for the bit younger generation then me, it has always been there, but i do remember ( vaguely though) that we didnt had a computer, and later a computer for all of us in the family.. which I can tell you.. caused lots and lots of brothers/sisters fights! Even so bad that my mother started timing who was next on the pc and for how many minutes. Now my sister Nikita always seemed to manage to get that keyboard ' glued ' to her hands, and sweet talk mummy in some more ' computer' time! Ofcourse to our frustration..

Social media started off for us with ICQ and went from there to Hyves ( yes stupid name in English, and yes i know what it means.. this was just our dutch facebook.. like Bebo in England/Ireland or Tuenti in Spain) and facebook. We were still chatting in the TMF chatbox, what was a ' cool' thing to do these days and if I think about it later, very dangerous. But ofcourse , at that time, the risks of public chatrooms for early teenagers were not very known.

Nowadays not only teenagers but also me in this case cannot go without my social media.. Social media for me means chatting with my friends and family near and far, but especially far.
Keeping up with their loves and lifes and still ' being ' there although virtually is a big part of my life.. 

So back to Alok, who is bugging me now, as he is nervous what i am writing at this very moment, thinking i am the worst person in the world to dedicate this blog to him ...

Alok, my very best- furthest away-virtual but true- friend.. 

This post is especially for you :)




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