domingo, 22 de junio de 2014

Grumpy Birthday

32 years ago..
Today is my birthday.. do i feel if ts my birthday? ..not really.
I am actually quite grumpy and frumpy today.

Its Sunday , the weather is muggy and the sun is not even shining!!

Hubby dearest is working till tonight late and I am alone with the kids..

Ofcourse i got loads and loads of facebook and whatsapp messages which made me feel some better.. so thanks to all of you for that!

I decided to not stay at home and be miserable and got the kids ready and went to the playground.

Once there , there was a birthday party going on from a child from Sofias school, so Sofia was happy playing with the kids and I was running after Livia as she totally discovered the playground!!

Never she wanted to swing , slide and hobble on those plastic hobble horsy thingemajiggy´s and now she doesnt want to come of it anymore.. Its great to see that she enjoys herself so much now.

After half an hour the whole birthday bunch left and it felt like we shouldnt be outside or was so still and deserted. I heard the sound in my head from those old western movies.. tududududuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..
Anyway I ignored it as best as I could and let the kids play a bit more..
I brought my crochet with me ( wishful thinking the call that) so i could entertain myself as well a bit , but Livia decided otherwise.  She decided to run to the other side off the playground and soo not wanted to come back! She got so angry at me for turning her around , which is not funny , but sneakily i find it very funny , because she just walks af grumbling and shouting TATATATATATA TITITITITITITI!!!!!!

When i had enough of the whole playground thing , we went off home and Sofia started counting how many times I am naughty and should be punished in the day.. well aparently I am a very bad mother!
Also she told me that she is going home to see ´Opa en Oma Zee´  ( her grandparents) . I told her they were not in the house yet, she has to sleep some nights more.. where she answered that i just have to stay quiet...
When home she looked at me and said. ´ Opa en Oma Zee are not here yet!!´  I just replied with ´uhuh´ because throwing back an ´I TOLD YOU SO NANANA!!´  is a bit harsch on a 4 year old.

In the meantime Livia was out of her buggy and started pushing me towards the kitchen as she does when she wants a bottle. I got her bottle and discovered that the teeth was broken.. which is not a surprise as the bottle is ment for a child with no teeth not a 3 year old with very sharp teeth.. There is only one big problem..
That teeth is the only teeth she accepts to drink from.. I tried all 4 other bottles she has but normally refuses.. but she is very stubborn and as she doesnt understand her own teeth is broken and she kept pulling me to the kitchen. Its so said , but what can I do ?  I even bought her the exactly same bottle with a new teeth the other day and she just refuses. As it was siesta time for her , I decided to put her to bed with the new bottle and just walk away and see what i find when i wake her up later.. I write this when she is in bed, so I am quite anxious that she is still refusing and is making a painting of milk on the wall.

So now I am on the sofa writing this blog, listening to a terrible cartoon as Sofia desperately wanted to watch it , and now she is playing in the playroom and I am left with the annoying voices of those characters.
I think i will do some more crochet and see how long it will takes before daughters dearests starting calling me again..


2 comentarios:

  1. Heb zo hard gelachen om Sofia, zo leuk om te lezen deze blogjes van jou, en ik weet zeker dat als Shayne straks weer thuis is je lekker even kunt relaxen en je weer jarig kunt voelen. Dikke knuffelkus uit Goedereedexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Mooi geschreven zus! Hele fijne verjaardag nog nu de kids op bed liggen ;)