miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014

Sadness and Solidarity

Here in Spain a day as normal... for them this terrible news is the same as all the other terrible news all over the world, everyday again... 

In the country where I have been born and raised, where my family and some friends are..its silent.. the world seems to come to a stop..

Facebook and twitter profile pictures are rapidly changing from personal photos to those of black ribbons, flags hanging halfway and .. FLIGHT MH17 , Rest in Peace..

23th of July 15.45.. I am at work and flip  the livestream of the NOS news on my computer.
My dutch team mates do the same...

The first plane, the Dutch Hercules of the Dutch Royal Army lands in Eindhoven, 
We are all staring to the screen and seem to forget that we are actually suppose to work, but for now, it is more important to virtually pay our respects to the victims and their next of kin.

The second plane lands , the Australian Boeing C-17, and both are taxing to a halt close to eachother..
The´ last call´ sounded on the trumpet and a minute silence was hold on the airport , in the streets, shops and houses of the Netherlands  and so did we here in the office..

The first coffin is carried out the Dutch Hercules, and it is silent, your hear the 1000 next of kin whom were respectfully hidden from the camera´s crying and sobbing.. heartbreaking , and I feel a silent tear leaving me..

This never should have happened, this is unimaginably sad , and that one tear from me is for all of the victims and their family and friends.. wherever their house may be..

Solidarity i feel for the country i dont spend my days anymore for 6 years now.
I watch the news over and over again, i see the sad faces and people putting flowers and candles all over, I see the anger and disbelief in all of them. 

This brings us all together, wherever we emigrated to..wherever we are.. how sad it is.. for them we dont personally know... them who were fellow citizens, them who are not with us anymore, them who are in heaven, them for who we burn candles, them for who we pray...

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