viernes, 3 de octubre de 2014

Update update.. hurry!!!!

It has been waay too long since my last post.
So here an update about are whereabouts the last couple of months.

First of all:
The kids are back in school!!! Finally after 3 months holiday, many hours fun but also many hours boredom and especially many ´how many nights till I can go back to school, mama´? It is finally the big Monday.

Sofia on her first school day
Sofia is going to the second preschool class also called P4. She is still not very happy that they mixed the 2 preschool classes from last year so most of her friends are not in the same class anymore. Also she was pretty angry about the fact that she had a new teacher.. I guess she loved the last one.. She is now slowly copping on, but is still not very impressed..
Sofia lately is getting more and more a clever clogs! Today she greeted Shayne at the door with ´Konichiwa! ´. When going to the supermarket later, she greeted the whole village with ´Konichiwa!´
Apparently dearest Peppa Pig taught her friends to talk Japanese and so did Sofia...
For me it sounds more like a sneeze going wrong.. Konichiwaaashit..Snot everywhere…

She also started reading and writing this year. I have to say that I find it very early, but hey as long as she likes it, I am fine with that! Today we got a nice paper what she did in school. I couldn´t me more proud and also a tiny laugh escaped me at the way she wrote DVD´s.

Livia on her first school day
It is a very exciting year for our Livia this September! As she is going to preschool for the first year. I was most anxious about what will happen. Would she sit still, would she listen, would she……..
Before the year started we had some conversations with her SNA (Special Needs Assistant) in school as of how things will go on school days. We decided also that she will only go to school for the mornings, till Hubby and me find it time for her to join whole days.
Thankfully she enjoys school a lot and according the teachers she is even learning slowly the routine of the day in the class. I am a very very proud mama!!

Because I really felt I personally needed some emotional support regarding my daughter having Autism, I joined a Support group together with Livia.
The name is Tot per Tu , and they are a group of parents who support each other throughout the different phases, problems and of course also the good times. But most important, they also hired a couple of psychologists to give the much needed therapy. And to make the therapy kind of affordable, they (we, I have to say now as we as family are now also a part of it) arrange projects to gain money to support everybody with the economical side of having kids with autism.

For example we held a benefit concert with cool bands, BBQ and drinks. Also some Catalan entertainment like the Castellers (human tower) and drum music. It was an amazing experience for us to meet people in the same situation while volunteering at the concert. The girls also had an amazing time dancing, running around (Livia) and going on stage (Sofia).

Father-in-law arriving at our house
OOWWW and I must tell you this!! 
On the eve of the benefit concert I got a call from dear hubby that I had to come home as we got visitors.. My dad-in-law and Brother-in-law arrived after a 15 day and 1900 km cycle from Ireland to our house! I was so impressed they arrived that day, I mean 15 days?? It would take me 15 years!!! Also halfway their stay Anne arrived.. You remember her? Our very first aupair.. If you scroll back 3 years’ worth of blogs, you definitely will find some stories about her! We had a fab time with all of them!!

Because Livia goes to school now, she also will go to another therapy. The reason is all bureaucratic/political stuff I have no clue about..
The bad side of this is that now suddenly the government only allows for 1 therapy session every 15 days. This is absolutely not enough for my little girl and you can imagine my reaction!! For now there is not much I can do, at least not till I have her disability card (takes a year)… Therefor we decided that she will have private therapy once a week via the support group. Her first session will be coming Tuesday!

Wow.. That was only the news from the kids and I didn’t even start telling about Shayne´s change of jobs soon and my latest venture of website making!!

So very shortly to not bore you too much..
Shayne got made redundant in his job, which was quite a shock. His whole department will move to the Philippines and therefor will close here in Barcelona per the 30th of November. We are not really worried to much as enough jobs are around, and we decided that he will takes some staycation time in the whole of December before he start to look for jobs.

What about my website; yeah I was not really happy with the previous version. I am just an impatient perfectionist and yes those thing are not really working together… So I decided to start this new venture called ´making websites for dummies and scream bloody murder when it doesn’t work´ It was a fun venture I have to say and because of my addictive genes , I also want to code the hell out of this website!! Do you like my new background??

So that was it again for now…
Hasta Pronto!!


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  1. Goed gedaan meissie, mooi verhaal en goed verwoord. Ik ben blij dat Livia het zo goed doet op school, en Sofia zal haar draai wel vinden in haar nieuwe klas. Het is altijd spannend in het begin met al het nieuwe voor die ukkie's.