domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2014

Christmas 2014

As I mentioned in my previous post , we celebrate christmas a bit earlier as the inlaws flew over from Ireland and its a whole lot more fun with them around us!

See here a bit of a photo bombing of the morning Santa had left us the presents..

First Sofia had left a bottle of beer and a drawing for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph under the tree..

Suddenly the presents appeared!! And my inlaws and ourselves added the rest of the presents... of course Santa cannot take care of all of it.

Can you imagine when the girls woke up, their stockings were even filled..they must have been  good girls ( sort of,,,)

Then Sofia was very excited to see if Santa drank his beer and Rudolph ate from his carrot..
And they did!!

Santa left even a letter especially to thank the girls for the beer, nice drawing and yummy carrot for Rudolph,

And then it was time to open the presents with Shayne handing them out to everyone and Sofia jumping up and down next to him...

A small part of the presents I got... I am so happy!!!

Happy Inlaws!!

Many more presents were opened and the kids ( and adults) were happy with their presents..
Sofia decided to change her name and appearance in that of Elsa from Frozen and thought she could sing with that. Poor us..
Livia is waggling about with her new puzzles, books , sensory toys and most of all her new schoolboard.

In the evening we had a lovely Christmas meal Shayne made himself..
Roasted Pork with mustard and honey glaze, Roasted Chicken , Roasted Potatoes,  Brussels Sprouts , home made applesauce, salad and a mix of pies and carrots. With a bottle of wine and Vienetta as dessert we had happy satisfied bellies and vegetated on the sofa with the new Mrs Brown´s boys movie and a cup of coffee..

Hasta Pronto!!


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  1. yeah , he knew my inlaws came especially from Ireland, so he came a bit earlier :)

    Thanks Pam,jullie ook!! xxx