sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2014

Walking on Sunshine..ooowoooo

It is December and would you believe that after a couple of weeks of terrible weather ,the sunshine is back!
And the good part of this is that my inlaws are on a visit here from Ireland for a pre-christmas holiday. They did the same last year, so we celebrate christmas some days early as the kids do not have an idea anyway about the day it s suppose to be.

So yesterday the sun was blazing and we decided to go for a small walk around in our little town.
Of course my camera had to come because there is always something nice to photograph.
We brought our little Livia with us while Sofia was having fun in school.

Looking at the fishes in the river and trying to find the turtle we saw once..

Father and Son engrossed in conversation...

My mother in law is enjoying herself!

Our Livia is happy out...

Animals on the way...

Before I Close this Photo post,here some art work we found on our way

Hasta Pronto!


2 comentarios:

  1. Lovely pics of a lovely afternoon great holiday memories Jany! Thanks for sharing them :) xxx

  2. The same walk we always take when we are with you. Funny to see the same pics I took ;)