lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2014

Early Christmas Pericles

Wow yeah we as a family are also very very early this year!!
Shayne complains every year again, and again that christmas is coming earlier...
But won´t you believe how exited he is when he can put the tree up!

So yesterday , Sunday and a very miserable day weatherwise, we decided  to put the  fake *cough* christmas tree and decorations up.

We do not have many decorations yet , as last year Livia found the deco very interesting and especially de christmas balls.. she pulled them out over and over again , till all where flying through the room and we had none left at the end of the month..  Ah well...

What we do have though is those little cuties..
The angel and the photo star we got last year from the in-laws and we are very careful with them.
However today Livia was hanging in the tree again ( you would think she was a cat..) and the whole thing came down and broke the angel with it. getting angry was not an option , she does not understand the whole christmas poohaa, but fairly dissapointed I was for sure..

The little horsie is from Sofia which she also got from the inlaw on her very first christmas..pffff time flies!

Ofcourse I could not stay away from my new camera on a day like yesterday.. and a Girlie portret needed to be made..

We tried to make a family portret but that was too much to ask for with those little dragons above, so I keep that one for the next time..

So our first Xmas experience for 2014 is a fact, Advent Calendars are bought and Number 1 is opened, Christmas pressies are halfway in the pocket... So now its waiting and enjoying this joyious month!

Hasta Pronto!!


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  1. Lovely post and pics, poor tree has it tough! Such tempting toys for Livia to enjoy! Glad the star survived, poor angel didn't though, too bad! Looking forward to seeing you all soooooon!!!