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Before Crochet came in my life, reading always have been my favourite thing to pass time.
I always told everybody; ´put me in a second hand book store for a day, and you will never hear me again´!

The very first book i remember reading is Crusade in Jeans. This is a Dutch book from author Thea Beckman and is also translated into English.

The story is a fictional account of the childrens crusade of 1212, witnessed by a boy from the 20th century. A 14 year old boy comes in the 12th century with the help of a time machine. Because of his 20th century knowledge, he saves a lot of children in the crusade.
At the time of reading it , I was maybe 10 years old and had no idea that although the story was fictional , the events are based on actual happenings in our history.

For Children , but also for Adults , this is a must read!

Between this book and the last book I read , are hundreds of other books I read. From Girly books ( yep i did it..50 shades..all 3 of them..) to History to Fantasy.

I think every book lover has at least one ( or more ) books they adore so much , they would like to read it over and over and over again. My husband for example read all his Discworld ( Terry Pratchet) books a million times in the last years.

For me its hard to decide which books I like the most , but one of my all time favourites are :

The Hunger Games Trilogy:
You must know them already from the movies, but of course the books were first!
I think I read all three of them in a timeframe of 2 days, absolutely addictive!

Room by Emma Donoghue:

A story told from the eyes of a 5 year old boy who lives with his mum in a room and never have been beyond the walls of the room. He starts to ask questions, and finds out that there is a whole world outside the room...

And last my absolutely guilty girly pleasure...

PS, I love you from Cecelia Ahern!

I can´t imagine much girls out there who didnt see at least the movie.
A heartbreaking , romantic, tissue spilling story with some serious eyecandy.. ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Gerard Butler..yummmm).

Ofcourse I read the book first and could only imagine the characters of the book ..yup..deffo my number 1 Guilty Book Pleasure!

It would be mean of me to talk about this book and not post this.... don´t you think girls?

So, now tell me about your ´must read´ books and ofcourse the guilty pleasures!

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