jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014

Roaring 20´s

No , I am not talking about the 1920´s....
I am talking about my own twenties!

Why?  Just because I can and just because my twenties were the most important years of my life!

My 20´th birthday , I cannot even remember anymore! It was probably nothing special, but I do remember my 21st! That year was a year of many firsts..

..... *sigh*  I would kill for having that waist again!!

In this year I got my very first apartment with my then boyfriend Rory. It was actually a quite big apartment in an area of Dordrecht ( city in Holland) , which was not really the nicest. But hey, we didnt care! away from the parents was a great feeling and for us we didnt care were that was..

Anyway I never have been a great interior designer, so also not with my first place..
Unfortunately I dont have pictures either of this place, except this very charming *cough* one with me and my little sister while we were painting the place.. My sister probably will hate me for posting this pic,.. ( sorry SIS!!)

Yeah those good old days where we did nothing else then working, partying and having huuuuuge hangovers.
Later it all seemed very superficial. but i think we all need times like this!

So the party years past by.. I broke up with Rory after 3 years and moved in with my best friend at the time and had some more party years, boyfriends and well.. you know how that goes.

Fastforward  couple of years and I was single, had a great little place for myself and my 2 cats, a good job as an sales account manager and friends all around me.. I was 26 years old.

My friend and neighbour at that time, Karin, asked me if I wanted to go to Barcelona for a small holiday at her boyfriends place and his flatmates.. I thought why not and she gave me some MSN names  ( yeaahhh good old MSN!!) from the flatmates, for me to get to know them a bit better before we would stay there for the week.

Well... One of the flatmates is now my Husband!
In short.. we fell in love and a month later I gave up everything in my home country and moved to Spain.

I was just 27 when I pied on a stick and saw I was pregnant. Shayne and me were a year together and actually planned this. Yeah people around us thought us to be crazy to plan already as it was quite fast, but we couldn´t care less what people thought., We knew this was the right thing for us.
So 9 months and 4 days later our little Sofia was born in Cork, Ireland, were we moved very soon after we found out I was pregnant.

Still in my twenties, actually only 13 months after Sofia was born, we welcomed little Livia in our lives!

Now being out of my twenties  , I can say those years were the years I grew from a being a young woman, still a teenager really, to a mother of two lovely girls! I am married now, but that didnt happen in my twenties. Actually that happened when I was just 1 month out of it!
In my twenties I got my first house, but also my first job in an office ( I remember I felt really an adult when I first stepped in that office). The party hardy fase faded overtime and we became responsible working parents.. ( when did that happened?? ow yeah , in my twenties....)

So now a couple of years in my thirties.... you still have to wait a couple ( or a lot) more years for the Best Thirties post!

Hasta Pronto


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3 comentarios:

  1. Lovely post and it brought back some lovely memories for me to read about your twenties even though we only met you when you were already in your late twenties in 2008! A very welcome addition to our family is all I can say, I have a lovely daughter in law and two adorable granddaughters! (And a lovely son too of course lol!)

  2. awww thats so sweet of you! <3 <3 as we would say in facebook! xxx

  3. O my, I can remember that phase in your twenties with Rory and that flat. And later on in Dordrecht when I came to stay with you for a weekend and you were talking about Shayne you would met in Spain. I thought, o no! What is going to happen to her and that strange boy we never met before. But it went all for the best and now you are an adult with a lovely husband and two even more lovely children. Great how life goes by!!!