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Our Dream.....Container.

When my husband was a little fella , he lived with his parents in Tanzania, Africa as they worked for a famous Irish NGO.

You can imagine how different life is there. I heard many many a story about how much he and his siblings enjoyed their youth in Africa. they were home schooled by my mother-in-law wich made it even more interesting!

When I am hearing those stories , i am getting kinda jealous as it seems such a free life for a child.
Playing outside.. I mean really playing outside, not in the densely populated streets like we did when we were younger.

One of the houses they lived in was based in the bush of Kagera , which is close to Uganda and Lake Victoria. The house didnt had the normal amenities like running water or electricity, only a jenny when it worked and petrol/diesel. But can you imagine what a joy it is to live in such freedom, with the baboons and leopards running in the hills behind your house!.. ( ok i admit, i would piss myself of fear).

Below you see the picture of the house... uuh I mean housecontainer thingamajiggy...

This house excist of 4 containers and a build-on which came later.
And till the day of today , my husband wants to build one!

When he first mentioned this , I was like a what??
Wanna get rid of me or something? you dont need to lock me in a container for that.. No need at all!!
Half  yours , half mine... Byeeeee!!

I mean the only thing i could think of was this:

Well that doesnt look very fancy and livable to me.

But then he told me the container house story in Africa and lately showed me some designs he made.
I was still a bit like hmmm .. I am not sure what to think of it......

He had me though, when he showed me an episode of the well famous Grand Designs where a guy from Northern Ireland was planning on building one and the whole program went through the process of it.


Funny how one persons dream becomes a couples dream, dont you think?

I googled some container house images , and found some beauty´s.. Hence the photos are not mine.

So I told you our dream house story, now whats yours?
I love your comments!!

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4 comentarios:

  1. I would live in those container houses too but our one in Africa was not as posh! Ours was as big as four containers and had no running water or electricity only a generator as you said. What was really funny was it was filled with Ikea furniture from Denmark sent by our NGO! Happy days indeed

  2. I would so love it!! Thanks for your comment Catherine!

  3. Okay, these container houses are awesome.
    My dream home (I can't believe I am refering to it, but) would be the house from Twilight, yes the vampire movie.
    I am absolutely in love with the modern aesthetics of it.

    You should google it, it kinda looks like these ones.


  4. Yeah that House is awesome and looks like it has the same kind of architecture as the containes houses in the pics... One day...