viernes, 10 de octubre de 2014


As I told you in the previous blog ( here is a linky) , my father- and brother-in-law cycled last month from Lismore, Ireland to our place here in Montcada, Spain.
The reason in the first place to do the cycle was that hubby´s bicycle was still in Ireland , and he really wanted to have it back. 
Brother dearest made a joke about it to cycle to Spain and would we have guessed that they really did it! What an adventure!

They had an amazing time during their trip. With sleeping in tents on stilts because there were no hotels available , getting accompanied of the highway by the traffic police here in Spain.. with lights on.. ( oopsie, wrong route..) and getting lost in the mountains. ( up, down, up, down..)

After some rest and family time in our house , they went back home again.
And the bikes stayed nicely with us. We seriously jumped of joy!! I was thinking of buying a bicycle for a while at that point as I kinda missed it being Dutch and all!

Yeah it all sounds very over the top cliche, but cliche or not , everybody IS cycling in my sweet country! I would never want to move back , but cycling is one of those culture things I do miss!
Even though the traffic jams are horrific and the national train company ( NS) gets claim after claim of being to full, to late , to whatever.. Cycling was and is the main transportation in Holland.

So last weekend I had my very first Cycle and was quite proud of my 18 km in 58 minutes.
To be honest , it took me two days to get rid off the sadle pain, but was deffo worth it!

Today I decided to go for a second round as the sun is still shining eventhough we are halfway October by now. I never knew it was possible to enjoy exercising so much!
This time I did 23.84 km in a duration of 1 hour and 7 minutes, an average speed of 21 km/h and burned 679 calories. And this all according ´map my ride´ of course.

I made some lovely pictures while being on the beach in Badalona, so here they are!

Hasta Pronto!

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  1. Lovely post Jany! I'm so jealous of your lovely cycling options there in sunny Spain! It must be a great feeling to be on he he saddle apart from the sore bum! That'll go soon! Happy days:)