martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

To Juice or to Smoothie

Ofcourse there was always people juicing and being awesomely healthy and all.
I am always been in blissful denial , as I like my naughty food too much!

However lately more and more people around me starting to juice.
My colleague brought a very nice and yummy looking ( NOT) homemade juice with him.
It was one of those green with bits *pegg on nose and drink in one go* looking juices.

When he told me what was in it, I thought hmm that never can be that bad.. so lets try the green monster! Well... I tell you , it didn´t taste like a yummy kind of thing you can drink all day, but wasnt quite that bad either!

So I thought, as I went rather overboard with the naughty foods lately and really need to lose some, lets get going. ( biggest excuse is I stopped smoking, so I gained a kilo or 2..or more..)

I went to the fancysmancy fruit&veggie shop in the mainstreet and bought a whole lot of healthiness.
And ofcourse some cute looking bottles to put juice in..

Then I started the mess..
Ofcourse I have no juicer as this was the first time i was doing this.
So this was my alternative including a hand blender..

For me the difference between a juice and a smoothie was that in smoothies you put yoghurt or so and in juice well...not.
When I juiced and smoothied everything together, I came to the conclusion that there definitely is another difference.. PULP!!  So my juice is rather think , even though I added some water, However it tastes delicious!

And the most important family loves them too!
Sofia was begging for the ´yellow juice´ and hubby brought half a bottle of carrot juice with him to work.

So here the ingredients per juice bottle.

Bottle 1:

Splash of water

Bottle 2 :

Baby Spinach

Bottle 3:


Hasta Pronto!

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