domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

Sunday Relaxation

´The Ideal day never comes.
Today is Ideal for him who makes it so´
Horatio Dresser

Today´s Sunday is for relaxing and rummaging in the house.
Sometimes there are Sundays to let the house be, and wander outside.
But not today, today mummy stay in pajamas and the kids are enjoying themselves with movies and books..

Till I decided to clean up the play room, even though its Sunday , I just couldn´t leave the mess.
As this not happens very often anymore ( I gave up) , its kinda fun to see how the kids discover ´new´  toys they had forever, but just were buried in the pile of mess..

Livia decided to make a puzzle which i found somewhere high on the bookshelf.
And OMG I was so pleasantly surprised that she easily managed to fit all the pieces.
When I was cheering , I just got a bored, dry face, like she wanted to say ´Jeezz woman, don´t make such a fool out of yourself!´

While rummaging and cleaning , I found also all the little tiny dollies, plastic animals, doll house furniture etc etc.. Sofia behaved like she won the lottery and couldn´t wait till I was done cleaning!

How I love imaginary play and generally every play what doesn´t involve a TV, laptop or mobile.
Don´t get me wrong, they obviously use all those devices ( a bit too much), but I am just old fashioned like that.

So... the toy room is cleaned and tidied. 2 full bags can go in the bin ( very sneaky otherwise nothing goes in the bin). Sofia is re-enjoying the doll house and her microphone ( aaarghhhh!!). While Livia is bored of the puzzle and decided to play three wheeler engineer. And me?  I put my bum on the sofa and finish a crochet scarf..

And what is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday?

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