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5 tips to stay sane in the office.

The last 2/3 weeks has been a bit crazy in the office with daily work , but especially with an ongoing reorganisation where our team is caught up in. Don´t get me wrong, this reorganisation is a good one, but still its keeping us on our toes.

I am working in a big ass office space with 200 people ´crammed´ on one floor. desks side by side , with god knows how many PC´s and Phones.
Of course when I started to work for this company , which I honestly enjoy, I knew what I signed up for so I am not allowed to complain.

What I Can do though is make my own desk and little space around me as relaxed as possible, so I work with less ´brain clutter´ in my head.

Here are 5 tips from me and also from the big world wide web...

1. Personalise your workspace

Eventhough I work on such a big floor with so many colleagues, my desk is very much my little corner.. I have photos of my kids, my favourite muesli, some funny quotes in my own language ( the office is multinational) and some other personal small accesories.

But don´t overdo it! you don´t want to be distracted too much either...

Ok, I am honest... I would love to work here. I mean, who doesn´t love the IT Crowd.
´Did you try to turn it on and off again?´..... I had to ask this particular question many, many times in previous jobs , and it still  cracks me up everytime I see this famous episode.

2. Create uninteruptible periods to focus on the job.

Yeahhh , I might have some issues with that at times..
I am a multitasking queen, but working on a difficult technical issue and trying to focus at thelatest office gossip talk behind you is not always recommendable.
I am a curious person , that is not something I can help, but I defenitely need to bring in the uninteruptible periods in my work days to get concentrated!
I think its a good one to hang a big sign around my neck saying ´ I AM NOT HERE, ITS JUST YOUR IMAGINATION´.

3. Munch on some Chocolate.

YEEEEEHAAAAAAAAA!!! I knew it would be the best way to keep me sane!
Although on this article they are talking about 1.4 ounces of the deliciousness. It calms your nerves and dark chocolate even regulates levels of the stress hormone cortisol and stabilizes the metabolism.
A Twix anyone?

4. Counting Backwards

Especially when that one person is interrupting you AGAIN while you are trying to get that annoying and boring excel report together... ( thank god not something I have to do , but you get my drift..)
I am even ashamed to say, that at times I can be that annoying person who can´t wait to tell her story to a colleague.. Said colleague is turning red while trying to stay polite and I know its time to run.
Anyway the article mentions that counting backwards needs a certain concentration and therefor you will be less prone to stressful situations and full blown panic attacks.

5. Stretch!

Wouldn´t it be great fun if twice a day a big bell would ring in the office and for everybody it is mandatory to throw that phone on the desk (no matter who is on the receiver end), stand up and do some shoulder rolling, chest opening, stretch exercises?! Apart from the fact that this is very good for the muscels and blood circulation , I can imagine that a joined exercise like this would be very good for some office humor. ( no examples, use your imagination...)

So this was my top 5, now I am curious what your top 5 is of staying sane at work?!

Please leave a comment , which I sneakily can read at work , which makes me happy... being happy is good and healthy as I would have less stress. So you can honestly say that you contributed to somebodies health!

Thank you for reading and Hasta Pronto!


PS; A small disclaimer here, the photos or not mine but honestly stolen from Google Images.

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