jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014

My ´odd´ Fashion Style..

Since I was allowed to dress myself , I have been the pain of every Fashion Police around.
I never could be bothered with the latest Fashion or rages and dressed like I wanted to.
My mother and sister still reprimand me sometimes with a ´OMG, you sooo can not wear that!´  or the sugar coated version ´ uhmm eeh Jany, No that´s not exaclty my taste´ . I laugh and they know its all words in the wind..

The one thing I hate the most to wear is Jeans and trousers.. Every feminist probably hate me for this, but I just feel more female and pretty in skirts and dresses..yes even with my size 16!

So here a couple of my favourite clothing items!

1. I looove Lindy Bop dresses, and this one is defenitely one of my favourites.
You can buy this one here. (link)
2. Only one word..Stunning! (link)
3. how about this summery skirt! (link)
4. I am not able to wear heels. They hurt most of the time , and also if I take one step I am lying flat on my face. But that doesnt mean I dont like them.. I only wish I could wear them.. Here the link foor those beauties: (link)
5. Those cuties I looove and even am able to wear them! (link)
6. I live in Spain.. I need sunglasses and Cool ones! (link)
7. Aren´t those handmade earrings fab?! (link)

So what is your personal fashion?

Hasta Pronto,


And again a small disclaimer here; the photos are not mine or in any way affiliated to me.
I copied them from the mentioned websites above.

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3 comentarios:

  1. Well you know me Mother-in-law fashion hell jeans and leggings all the wintery wye and crop pants and vests in summer! I love the vintage style in the pics but don't think I'm the right shape for them, you've a lovely hourglass figure never mind size16 which I don't think you are anyway look at that dress I got you like mine and it was way too big! I need a few silicone implants to wear a nice vintage dress like those lol!!!!

  2. ofcourse it would suit you! i absolutely want the blue and flowers dress, however i think i seriously need to strap my belly in then hahaha. Nothing wrong with jeans, only I don´t feel nice in them anymore :)