lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2014

Music Monday!

It doesnt matter where you from or what you do..
It doesn´t matter who you are or what you look like..
It doesnt matter if you are rich or poor, or whch religion you practice..
That one thing what unites everybody , because we all enjoy it, feel it and adore it..
Music , the gate to our souls.

Yeah I just made it up ... Music Monday it is today!

So here my personal top 10 , and I warn you that I am not a ´top 40´ kinda girl!

1. When ACDC was the bomb I was probably not even born yet, but Oh! Do I get happy from their music!!  Back in Black, Highway to Hell, Hells Bells , and this all time favourite..

You shook me all night long!

2. When this woman got famous, I remember my mum loved her music, and she is not the kinda woman listening to a lot of music.. So this is totally memory lane for me, and now her best song for me is this one..

Any Man of Mine - Shania Twain

3. When listening to this musical, it always make me feel even more close to my husband as we already are. Purely because it´s his fault that this is my favorite musical of all times and we would to anything to just go one weekend to the West End and watch this one life..

Les Miserable - On my Own sang by Lea Solonga

4. We all have those moments when you feel down, alone and you against the world..

When I have those moments , I love to listen to this song to pull me out of my self pity and get back to work again..

Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge over Trouble water

5. Years ago when I went to Ireland for the first time in my life on holiday to my then boyfriend´s parents.My then boyfriend is now my dearest husband, and I absolutely adore his parents.

Anyway , one day I was sitting at the kitchen table with my mum-in law and this song came on the radio. It was called ´ You Raise me Up´ by I dont know who at that moment.
I was totally mesmerized and this singer is now one of my favourites ( and ofcourse for me some serious eye candy too)!

Josh Groban - Remember me , soundtrack from the 2004 movie ´Troy¨

6. Ok who doesn´t love Journey?
When I hear this song in a pub or so , I turn into this crazy person , singing and dancing my ass off!

Journey- Don´t stop believing

7. Yep , Legacy of my dad, we grew up with this..

Travis Tritt - Here´s a quarter, call someone who cares.

8. Long , loooong before I was born,.and now I watched ´Walk the Line´ one time too many..

Johnny Cash and June Carter - Time´s a wastin

9. I know this one is a cover, but Michael Bublé just make me happy!

Michael Bublé - Save the last dance for me.

10. It took me a looong time to find that last song, till I came accross this absolute amazing cover Of Prince´s Purple Rain..
I just had to add it so here it is!

Adam Levine ( Maroon 5) - Purple Rain

So this is it, my top 10 for now!

What are your favourite songs?

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  1. Aw sooo sweet to say such a nice thing about us. Very touched and we have a fab daughter in law! win win ����������