lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

Dieting Day 1

Its Monday and the day has come that I have to start dieting again.

I am not a big Dieting guru or a person who does this very often.
Basically this is only the second time in my life as I never had to before the kiddos were born.
Last year I tried a No carb diet and that went well for about 3 months till my body decided it was enough.
I took the diet very serious and therefor there was no fibre allowed whatsoever. Yep not very good, so I had to give up. I lost  3 kilo and 10 cm around my belly.

This time I aim for a bit more...
After all the crazy indulging I did over the last months , My weight from last years pre-diet is back.

Now the question is.. what diet to follow? What will work best for me?

I decided to keep with the Low Carb diet but then keep it low as the name says, instead of no carbs at all.
Furthermore I need to stop eating junk, which went very well for a long time even after the last diet.. but those devil chocolates kept on insisting and I can be quite the pushover..

Also trying to drink more water ( ugh..) and less Sodas ( bummer) is a must.

Well wish me luck on this journey and when the first kilos say goodbye I will let you know!

Also any dietary advice is welcome.

Hasta Pronto


4 comentarios:

  1. I need some willpower! I've been threatening to diet for months but all that's happened is that I've got annoyed at Mat whenever he says, "But I thought you were on a diet?" HELLO, saying it is the same thing as doing it! Or maybe not. Good luck, but remember, you're perfect as you are too!

  2. Hahaha yeah i know that , saying and doing is a totally different thing. Willpower is indeed also my hardest struggle , but I feel I really have to do something again .. well see how long it will last hahaha

  3. Eating at night and early always helps. If you need to use some kind of oil, use coconut oil which will actually help to burn your fat. It's the only oil that doesn´t lose its properties in high temperatures so you can cook with it without feeling guilty :P You can do it!

  4. Thanks Ana! I will defenitely have a look at the coconut oil, lets see if thats something I can get used too. I normally dont eat anything with coconut lol, only dump it in my hair or skin , because it smells nice :p What do you mean with eating at night? just before sleep supposed to be bad no?