sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2014

I love my new Canon Camera

I never was really a photographer or interested in any of the stuff photographers do.
However that changed when first of all I got kids and second when I opened my new webshop and needed to make proper photos of my handmade items..

That turned out a lot harder then I thought with just a simple phone camera...
However I had no choice and tried to make the best of it with some atmosphere filters and the likes..

When my colleague told me that his girlfriend was selling her Canon EOS 1000d , I didn´t know how fast I could say yes! 
So a couple of weeks later , he handed me my new best friend.

Isn´t he the best!!
I couldn´t wait with snapping some pics, so my colleagues were the victims here

Here is Hugo , sticking his tongue out so had to cut it off.. pff boys...

Tomas here explaining me the tips and tricks of photographing..

Sweet Danny here in a good mood!!

I absolutely love to make some cool shots and later work with them in Picmonkey.
Yes I have photoshop too , but I still need to do a course.. its waaaay to hard!!

So do you have any photographing tips and tricks for me?

Hasta Pronto


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